The Truth Behind the Pandemic


Aren’t you tired of the lies too?

Well, here’s the truth: This ‘pandemic’ had nothing to do with true health, and everything to do with the end of America as we know it. 

We are under oligarchic control. Think about it, if the unvaccinated were really as selfish as they want you to view us, we wouldn’t be trying so hard to share the info we’re sharing. There is no benefit in lying to you. There are good people who are putting their entire livelihood in jeopardy to put the truth out there. I’m talking doctors, nurses, scientists, decent human beings. Every person you are labelling as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ & ‘anti-vaxx’ is only trying to get the truth out to you. We ARE the people, and we just don’t want the future generations to suffer because of the sacrifices we are making TODAY. 

They called us ‘dangers to society’ and labelled our calls & cries as ‘misinformation’ because they wanted to spin the narrative in the direction they wanted it to go.

Most of you have already learned about segregation & the apartheid. This should be nothing new. But if you didn’t see it coming, I don’t blame you either. You are not to blame for these political puppets of the elite being the masters of deception.

You wanted to feel like you were doing the right thing to keep yourself & others safe. I get that, but I just want you guys to realize you’ve been lied to.

This mass manipulation tactic was a well-devised & diabolical plan. It’s not a conspiracy. There’s a much bigger picture to it.

Every controversial issue rooted in our society is interconnected. COVID, racism, homophobia, poverty, climate, inflation, sex, etc. It’s the divide & conquer strategy at its finest. They got us going back & forth with each other on these topics, but take a step back and realize you are attacking the wrong enemy. Because newsflash love, they are the ones instigating it. By shifting the blame on the unvaccinated as they did in the media, they are conditioning you to shift it onto us as well.

But how did they do it, why was it so convincing and what should we expect next?

1. Distractions

We live in a society where technology rules us, that’s why. We spend hours a day scrolling social media, playing video games, watching tv, etc. (That’s why the music industry’s filled with a bunch of devil worshippers.) The man downstairs don’t want you to know wtf goin on. It’s catchy or whatever but pay attention to the repetitive words they’re saying. Music is a beautiful art, but I promise you, most of the shit these mainstream rappers are dropping isn’t too good for your mental health. Not at all.  

It’s easy to become accustomed to that lifestyle & to completely disregard all things politics though. Especially when you’re a pothead. (I know firsthand baby, I don’t care bout a damn thing when I’M high.) And personally, I wholeheartedly believe that’s why weed was legalized. They knew this was coming, and they wanted to desensitize you by being too high to even give a shit. But sooner than later, you’ll wish you did.

 2. Corporate Media

They’re buddy-buddy with the wealthy elite, the crooked politicians, the souled out health professionals. Of course they don’t mind lying to you.

3. Everything that they say is what they were trained to say.

There are books on dark psychology & the power of persuasion and manipulation. They’ve perfected the craft.


Climate change is already here, and it’s only going to get worse. Crops dying = food shortages. But remember when they were telling us ‘there just isn’t enough evidence’ & that climate change was a HOAX?

They just didn’t wanna fuck up their payroll with their little homies from the fossil fuel industry. And what they also don’t want is a bunch of people with pre-existing sicknesses and disabilities to be roaming around taking up space. Because when the time comes around, they’re not going to wanna break bread or waste resources with people that are on the brink of death anyways.


They want to DESTROY small businesses. Restaurants & mini market mom and pop shops in particular. Think about it– if there’s no competition, who gets to control the entire food sector? You guessed it: the same people who dominate the industry right now.

6. Illusion of a Two-Party System

You may think because we’re under the Biden admin, Trump’s the good guy. He’s not. He may have been right about the whole hydroxychloroquine thing, but don’t put him on a pedestal. Sorry, but homeboy sold America. Read about it. According to Pro Publica, “he has quietly installed hundreds of officials to serve as his eyes and ears at every major federal agency.” Hence, illusion of a two party system. They’re all playing for the same side.

7. The Collapse of the Middle Class

That, however, is kinda the number one threat to our nation. In the Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution written by Ganesh Sitaraman he explains, “The wealthy elites would clash with everyone else… Economic inequality led inevitably to political inequality and, as a result, instability, class warfare, and constitutional revolution.”

And for obvious reasons, that just isn’t a good idea. How are they attempting to destroy the middle class though? By using investment firms to entice the middle class with high bids for their homes. Everyone’s so hyped because of the value of their homes but keep it a buck if you fall for that, odds are you not gone be able to buy another one in the near future. Count on that. Call me paranoid. They don’t want you to own shit.

8. Inflation

Have you noticed your expenses going up recently? Groceries, gas, utilities. They pretty much want you to be broke out here. Yeah they gave out all these stimmies, but baby those were the crumbs of cheese to shut us up in the midst of the BS, and sadly, we’re just a bunch of lab rats who fell for the bait. Those little checks came with a cost & THAT’S why everything increased. It’s nothing but a hidden tax on the people (on top of the taxes they *already* take & don’t do shit with but pour into the military budget, the police budget and their pockets.)


If you still don’t believe it at this point, I’m just gonna insert my two cents and say the lil jab y’all had must’ve messed with something in all of your heads, targeted the spot responsible for your belief system and switched that mf OFF. I won’t underestimate the advancement and power of technology + medicine.

But if we’re going to speak facts, both the Former VP of Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon and the mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone both have been warning the public and the government of the dangers imposed by the vaccines. And if that doesn’t tell you enough, I don’t know what will. All I know is compulsory vaccination is a morbidly dark road to be on & disappointingly, we are almost arriving at that destination.

The only way we can go back and ensure the basic fundamental freedoms of our younger generations are kept is if we realize it already. Please wake up, America. This concerns the unalienable right of EVERY single individual in this country. Our constitution is being trampled over with these regulations, and if you think that’s an “archaic ideology” and we need to “adapt,” you’re out of your mind and you’re perpetuating the stagnation of our society. Both houses of congress took an OATH to SUPPORT and DEFEND the constitution, and I intend on making sure they hold up their end of the bargain.

So if you don’t believe it now, just watch how it unfolds- but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. And if you did succeed in breaking out of your hypnosis, it’s time to stand up for your rights.

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  1. Finally , I’m glad to know there’s others out there who can see all that is going on and have a good understanding about it. 10/10 worth the read.

  2. Yes! Thank you. These facts need to be addressed. You’re %100 percent right.
    This connected a lot of dots for me I’m so glad I read this. Thank you for speaking out & addressing the truth!
    Perfect article. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be working on.

  3. Hello,

    This is fantastic work! Full stop!

    And thanks for the follow-back on Twitter (@bushido49ers)

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